Historical monuments and buildings are the heritage of a country. Portugal is a country which is rich in the cultural heritage. There are a number of monuments in Portugal which exhibit the glory of the kings who ruled this area. Many regions including San Fins Portugal have the treasure of these monuments. These include a number of Churches, bridges, roads, walls and castles.
Historical monuments are always the most important treasure of a country. They are not only the marks of glory and magnificence of the rulers of that area, but are the culture of that area. The monuments of an area should be alive; it means they should be well maintained and visited by the people living there. The people living with live monuments exhibit live culture. It is notable that nations which celebrate the important historical days of their culture and love their monuments are the one which succeed in keeping their historical glory alive.
There are many important national and religious events which are celebrated by the civilians of Portugal. After a lots of battles and conquers, the region was abandoned. Only left were the old broken buildings which were later rehabilitated by the government of Portugal. The area was re-established by the people who migrated here afterwards. These were the people who re-established Portugal. There are ancient forts there in almost every city of Portugal which were constructed by the Germanic tribes and Moors. In about 1060s to 1070s, the country became Kingdom of Leon.
Through there are a number f monuments in Portugal, there are a few buildings which are the center of attention by the government as well as the visitors. On the basis of this importance, these buildings are known as the assets of the country. With the passage of time, the new buildings and structures including historical gardens and landscapes were added in the list of these monuments which are visited by more and more visitors.
There are many important cultural days which are celebrated by the people of Portugal for various Saints, kings and important personalities. These people are related to specific monuments which, on these special days, are decorated and visited by the civilians. These events are very special for the people who live there as they exhibit the real culture and history of the area. People who come from nearby areas also enjoy these events and visit these monuments. Many photographers and media also visit the place for coverage and thus these events become the center of attention for many people. This attention is making these monuments the most important monuments in the world and thus Portugal is being the most liked country by the visitors. If you want a place to explore and are in the search of the place which is purely historical, you have to visit Portugal to quench your thirst. Make your beautiful memories by observing the glory of the wonderful historical land. I bet you will never forget these memories. Good luck!

Written by: James Vijil