In the district of Vila Real, San Fins Portugal or Alijó is a municipality. The area of this region is 297.6 sq kilometers. In 2011, the population of this area was 11,942. In 10th century, the area was occupied by the semi nomadic tribes, as the megalithic structures, dolmens and Castros reveal. There are many archeological sites which are well documented. Many other sites are still being unearthed.

A few fountains, bridges and roads are the remains of Roman era which are still present there in the San Fins Portugal. During the Suebi occupation, in about 6th century, the settlements include Sanfins de Sao Felix, Sao de Castedo, Santa Agueda and Sao Tiago De Vila Cha. Here, the important thing to mention is that the southern border made the area susceptible to Moorish and Spanish conflicts. After the re-conquer of Christians, the region became uninhabited by Christians and Moors. Again, the area slowly became repopulated.

At present, the area of Alijó is divided into 14 civil perishes. Sanfins do Douro is one of these 14. From 1991, the number of family is still increasing. The civilization is grooming day by day as more and more people are migrating towards this area. The region is rich in the plantation of wild pines, cork oaks, willows, ash, chestnut, bay laurel and juniper. Thus, the area is rich in the production of cork and resins. This is the main contributor to the economical development of this region. Besides these, there are plants of lavender, blackberry, rosemary, gorse, heather, tree heath, common mullein. Other land is vegetative with green pastures and vegetation. Overall, San fins Portugal is an area which is perfect for the flora lovers. A full fledge package for the people who love to live near nature, you will be amazed indeed. This is one of the main reasons why people are migrating towards this region.

The fauna of this area is also very diverse like the flora. There are foraging as well as preying animal species. The animals here include rabbit, wild boar, wolf, badger and fox. There are also migratory and endemic birds including bee-eater, owl, cuckoo, common blackbird, lark, tit, stock doves, dove, nightingale and warbler. You will find this area full of nature. In rivers, there are eels, trout and carps. Living here and hunting as a picnic is a perfect part of your life you can spend here.

Many people love to be in this area. The people from surroundings come over San Fins Portugal to live and enjoy. The calm and cool city is perfect to spend a life time. If you live in a nearby area, you can come here often to stay here for a short time. If you are married, you can take your family here with you. If you are single, you can still live here with your friends and enjoy. Life is one, live it lively. Don’t miss the chance in your life to visit the area at least once.

Written by: James Vijil