Portugal is a very ancient region. The national monuments of Portugal, also known as Monumentos Nacionais, are constructed date back to the era of pre-historic settlement. At present, Portugal is occupied by a number of civilizations. The old people who lived there built a number of marks. These marks include homes, defensive structures, places to worship and many other buildings. These marks have an intrinsic value to the culture of Portugal. Thus, the country is rich in the cultural heritage and historical monuments.

The Norteregion has Citadel of San Fins Portugal, Tower of Lapela, Tower of Fernando, Castle of Santo Estevao, Castle of Montalegre, Castle of Shaves, Castle of Almourol and many others. These are the monuments which are maintained by the government of Portugal. Once you visit these embellished places, you will be stunned by the enchanting beauty of the history of this beautiful country.

The religious monuments of Portugal include the humble hermitage known asConvent of the Capuchos which is located in the Sintra Nature Park forests. There is Lateral wall and Transept of the Cathedral of Evora and the rose window. There is also Monastery of the Jeronimos with its Manueline architecture. One you get in this area, you will forget about the world outside Portugal and just remind of the world inside the country. There are a number of Churches in Alentejo region, Algarve region, Centro region, Libson region and Norte region. There are fountains, palaces, memorial, and estates in various regions. In Ucanha, there is Tower of Ucanha which is a place which worth at least a visit.

The intrinsic value of the cultural heritage of Portugal needs really worthy honored visits by the people living nearby. The buildings have historical, artistic, architectural as well as cultural importance. These monuments are protected by the Institute for the Management of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage. These national treasures include the historic, aesthetic, cultural, social and scientific importance. There are so many historical gardens, archaeological sites, landscapes and modernistic architecture that a person is astonished about the heritage of this country. These monuments exhibit the nobility, power and wealth of the kings who ruled over the area. During the battles in the French and Dutch period, the area was destroyed and most of these buildings were abandoned. Thought the buildings were rebuilt, the glories of those monuments could not be maintained properly. The monuments in the San Fins Portugal are also being maintained by the IGESPAR (Institute for the Management of Architectural and Archaeological Heritage). Though there are some places of public use, For example Churches and Mosques, these areas are restored and being used even now.

The archaeologists are interested in visiting the place as they found a number of important monuments on every step you take. You will find that the photographers are also very keen to explore the glory of the area. If you want to explore the historical importance of Portugal, the time is yours. The government supports the visitors who want to visit the country and thus you can enjoy your visit.

Written by: James Vijil