At the mouth of the Douro River, there is an enchanting city which is established on the hills. For its historical buildings and outstanding monuments, the city is announced as the UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the Portugal’s second largest city which is rich in cultural heritage. It has so many ancient attractions which are contemporary enough to attract the visitors to this place. Just like San Fins Portugal, the city has become the center of attraction of the people nearby. Porto has formidable Porto cathedral, conspicuous Port wine lodges and the Torre Dos Clerigos. Thought he beautiful city is now industrialized; the ancient civilization is still alive in the old and bold monuments. If you want to visit the area, you do not have to miss a few places here. Here you go:

1. Port wine cellars: these are the lodges located on the south of the river Douro. It is located on the opposite of the center of Porto. These lodges are rich in sweet and fortified grapevines from which the wine is produced. This is the main attraction of the tourists. They can spend whole day along the waterfront and can enjoy their holidays.

2. Se Catedral: this Cathedral was completed in 13th century. This building features carvings, sculptures, paintings as well as religious riches like chapels. The building is indeed breathtaking and visitors enjoy exploring the area. This monument exhibits the glory of the religious development of the people at that time.

3. Tower of the Clergy: Tower of Clergy is a baroque bell tower which emerges too high in the city. This tower was built in 1763. This tower is declared as the tallest building in Portugal. Visitors are allowed to climb almost 225 steps on this tower and enjoy the panorama. There are elaborate engravings back to the late 18th century. The architectural styles of this building are remarkable, indeed.

4. Case da Musica: if you want to celebrate the “music”, you have to visit the Casa da Musica. The hall is indeed the most dynamic and modern hall which is truly dedicated to the creation of music.

The monument offers workshops for the tourists. Not only this, there is a restaurant and bar which are truly for the relaxation of the visitors. You can enjoy a variety of music in the hall. There are classical performances, jazz music as well as DJs performances.

Just like San Fins Portugal, you have so many other places in Porto where you will love to spend your time. With your family or friends, there are so many things to explore. Not just your holidays, you will prefer to spend your whole lifetime in this spectacular area. You also can visit Former stock exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art, Old Prison, Sao Garden, Institute for Port and Douro wines and Passeio Alegre Garden. Just make a plan these vacations and visit these places with your friends and family. You’ll be amazed to see the glory of Portugal.

Written by: James Vijil